Zero waste company

We collaborate only with artisans who share our commitment to sustainable craft, and ethical employment practices. We are committed to deliver to your front door only eco-friendly packages.

Packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic free. And do not worry, your pieces will always arrive in good conditions.

Sustainable products

Talavera pottery is only made with natural products from the region of Puebla, Mexico. Talavera is made from a mixture of only two clays, a dark clay and a light, slightly rose-colored clay. And the colors, all generated from natural pigments. Avoiding any chemical treatment.

Why our Talavera?


Handmade is always so much meaningful

Authentic Talavera

Certified by the Talavera council of Loza Poblana


We put the earth and our people first.


We know that our pieces are very fragile. That is why we design a special package for each product. Your pieces will arrive in conditions at your home.